Sudarshan Kriya Benefits to Stabilize my Emotions – Marcena

When I first time took the course and did my Sudarshan Kriya I experienced an unexplained blissfulness. We usually clean our house but don’t clean our minds, we always tend to wander our minds into the future or the past happenings. But when I did it for the first time, I started feeling more confident and outgoing and felt much more happier than ever before. I started accepting my life as it came. Each day things are bound to happen to us ,that may make us happier or sad but Sudarshan Kriya helps us stabilize our emotions. We don’t get carried away by what others say or do, we become much more centered and which in turn makes us a better person because despite encountering all the days nuisance we are ready to help others and that’s a fantastic experience that one can undergo in once lifetime.

Marcena, Argentina

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Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful breathing technique cognized by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The technique, taught in the Art of Living Happiness program, has benefited millions of people across all walks of life – youth, corporate executives, trauma affected, underprivileged, children and homemakers.


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