Sudarshan kriya An Enthusiastic Experience by Abhijeet Pawar

Abhijeet Pawar, HR Professional shares,” I did my first Sudarshan Kriya in 2009 and from then I continued doing it. I can’t afford missing my Sudarshan Kriya. It flushes out the whole lot of negativity from me. Before Sudarshan Kriya, I was like a lost guy. My life was like a robo – I indulged in the same monotonous routine everyday – going to the college, coming back, doing work and having no fun, it was filled with extreme level of dullness and lethargy. But after Sudarshan Kriya, my life has completely changed.  My work efficiency and my productivity has increased massively. Precisely my life is full of enthusiasm and liveliness . Sudarshan Kriya rocks.

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful breathing technique cognized by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The technique, taught in the Art of Living Happiness program, has benefited millions of people across all walks of life – youth, corporate executives, trauma affected, underprivileged, children and homemakers.