Sri Sri as a World Leader

What can one human being do? Can he change the world, help millions who are clueless about life, be a friend and guide, and also teach them to see life in a new perspective? Impossible isn’t it?  Who will ever have such patience leave alone love and compassion for people of the world.Sri Sri has been doing it relentlessly for the past four decades. He has brought together people of varied background into one fold.There are many who are doing commendable work in the field of social service, so what  makes Sri Sri different?On first sight you may not find anything extraordinary in this frail short man but what is it that moves millions to follow him with such love and devotion? The first thing that strikes about him is his super cool and calm demeanor. I have not seen him show any sort of disapproval even when followers swarm all around him he meets each and every one listening to each one of them with rapt attention and having a reassuring word for all.There are many saints, yogis’,  gurus, healers but Sri Sri is one who has taken upon the task of teaching people on how to live life, he empowers every individual to raise themselves spiritually and ever so patiently lead them towards a better understanding of themselves, their purpose of life and how to be a human being. It does not do justice to describe Sri Sri Ravi Shankar merely as a spiritual head. In today’s world we see religion being distorted to suit individual thinking and perspective.  So moving beyond this restricted definition I see Sri Sri as a world leader who can rise above regionalism, politics and religion and think from a higher plane for humankind. At a time when world leaders are perturbed with challenges of ISIS, Sri Sri spearheaded a peace process in Iraq to support and protect the Yezidi and Kurdish population from persecution by ISIS against ethnic groups in the region. He met  various heads of state in Iraq to facilitate a peace process and to bring about a dialog and create awareness of compassion, accepting mutual differences and living in peace and harmony.  How many spiritual leaders from anywhere in the world have done that? This is clearly living by what he preaches compassion and love for all and that we are all one and the same of a cosmic whole.