Sudarshan kriya A Spirit Arousing Experience of Arie B

Arie B from Netherlands shares, “I used to be hyperactive. I could not sit still. I was very much troubled by my emotions and I found this very challenging. I always used to get caught up in situations like thinking about what happened in the past, be anxious about what would happen in the future and I still remember when I did Sudarshan Kriya, It is a skill that taught me to be peaceful .At times when there is so much of turbulence around you and when you do Sudarshan Kriya you become extremely peaceful inside and even though everyone around you is making noise, you can still undertake good decisions, you can still make the right choices, you still know what to do, you still have that clarity and the capacity to respond to people and not react. It is an amazing skill and it is never ever in my life I experienced such a peace and relaxation. Everything becomes so clean from within – all the problems, anxieties just gets vanishes away. To me, Sudarshan Kriya is like taking a shower inside, I feel fresh at anytime of the day. It will give you that constant energy and clarity. Its something that is for everyone.

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful breathing technique cognized by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The technique, taught in the Art of Living Happiness program, has benefited millions of people across all walks of life – youth, corporate executives, trauma affected, underprivileged, children and homemakers.