Sudarshan Kriya A Life Changing Experience by Tan Shan Xian, Malaysia

Sudarshan Kriya Experience Of Tan Shan Xian, Malaysia:
 Hi, my name is Tan Shan Xian. I am from Malaysia. I am a student right now. My experience of Sudarshan Kriya has been wonderful, recharging, its a fascinating technique to rejuvenate our soul. It makes us more energetic. I find myself  more focused with improved level of understanding with better memorizing patterns. Now I have the capacity to think more logically . Its like, when I am studying science subjects, I am able to practically implement my knowledge and imagine things in a much clear and better way instead of just by hearing them .My thought productivity has increased. Sudarshan kriya is something mystical and very powerful. I can feel the energy flow within me once I am done with my Sudarshan Kriya. So I hope all of you continue practicing it everyday, since it’s quite beneficial for you. Just do it you will feel the energy coming within you.

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful breathing technique cognized by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The technique, taught in the Art of Living Happiness program, has benefited millions of people across all walks of life – youth, corporate executives, trauma affected, underprivileged, children and homemakers.