Mind-boggling Sudarshan Kriya Side Effects

Sudarshan kriya has bought a remake in the life of millions across the world. The simple breathing technique is taught in the Happiness program conducted by Art of Living.

The regular practice of Sudarshan kriya brings about the harmony in body ,breath and mind. The research has proven that it eliminates stress, fatigue and frustration. And at the same time improves ones ability to focus, solve problems and understand complex issues.

Now when the one has healthy body and mind, the obvious positive side effect of it will be a happy life. A healthy state of mind and body improves persons efficiency at everything they take up leading to better results.

The persons happiness also keeps many bodily issues at bay like depression, insomnia, cholesterol and many more. Since most of the body and mind level diseases are associated with stress. If one understands how to tackle this stress, it will not be difficult to have disease free life.  And Sudarshan kriya is one such tool which has the mind blogging multifold positive side effects to make ones life beautiful in all aspects.

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